Honda VFR 2.0

Well, I sold the FJR1300 and ended up with a bike I had a couple of yeas ago. A 2002 Honda VFR800 VTEC.

This smooth middle weight Sport Tourer made a great impression when I had the first one a few years ago.


Honda wanted to flex its engineering muscles with this 6th Generation of the Interceptor. The motorcycle has a silky smooth V4 with variable valve timing paired to a 6 speed transmission designed not for racing but commuting and touring.  This Viffer operates mildly when ridden under 7000 rpms.  Two out of the four valves per cylinder keeps the thirsty V4 manageable when riding with fuel economy in mind.  Twisting the throttle above 7000 rpm and the engine releases the additional two valves/cylinder – the engine note deepens and a rush of acceleration is tapped.  I have averaged between 35 mpg for commuting and closer to 40 mpg when on the open road.

This Viffer came to me naked.  No touring luggage or such equipment.  But I have to say that outfitting this bike the 2nd time around was much easier.  Plus I went with a more OEM looking luggage set from Givi.


I have yet to name the Viffer yet. Waiting for personality to bubble up to reveal her true self.

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