Another Great Podcast – Motorcycle & Misfits

The crazy fellas from The Cleveland Moto Podcast ( has recommended a wonderful new podcast to add to my distraction.  The Motorcycle & Misfits Podcast (   They both record from a round table kind of setting.  Talking about the days/weeks work with motorcycles and customers.  The chemistry among the folks in both podcasts is wonderful.  You get to know each podcaster almost on a personal level.

Motorcycle & Misfits have a great setting to broadcast their experience.   Liza runs a motorcycle garage co-op (Re-Cycle Santa Cruz) and they try to empower local motorcycle riders to wrench on their own motos while building a wonderful community of like minded folks supporting this motorized two wheeled affliction we all share and love.  They’re very active on their Facebook page and are quick to respond to comments, show suggestions and repair questions.  I look forward towards their latest installment in the land of Santa Cruz motorcycle riding.  Hope to meet you guys one of these days

Cheers to the gals and guys at Re-Cycle Santa Cruz (!

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