Colorado Trip – 2018

Last year I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Colorado. At the time I was in between motorcycles and had to sort that out quick. So I dived into Craigslist to find my next steed. This was going to be a summer trip that I needed to carry camping gear so I needed a rig that can carry the extra weight and still be fun to ride. Since I’m a creature of habit, I was looking for something familiar. And this came up.

Another Kawasaki C14 Concours.

This one has some nice history because I bought it from the original owner in Austin Texas. This rider loved this Concours and rode the wheels off of it. So it was an easy decision. Paid what he asked for and took her home to start the prep.

After a few more than familiar modifications and maintenance fixes (Dreaded cam position sensor oil leak). She was ready to roll. What an amazing and totally predictable machine. This bike has the heart of a Kawasaki ZX-14 bolted to a sport touring chassis and a worry free shaft drive. Yeah! No having to clean and adjust a chain!!

So onwards to Colorado to meet a couple of friends to show me Pikes Peak, Mount Evans and the Rocky Mountains National Park. I shared my plans with my good friend Nelson (an ultra mile rider) who has been preaching the gospel of knocking out at least a 1,000 miles (saddle sore 1000) on any given trip. I’ve never done such a stretch but he talk me into doing it and he would ride with me for support.

Sometimes the stars just align. It happen that my trip fell during a time when another friend of mine (Brandan) was making his way home from a ride to some northern states. We decided to meet in Colorado Springs. So we would leave around 2am to make our way north.

We traveled by night to avoid the triple digit daytime temps. Traveling with hydration packs and hydration vests helped keep us cool.

Seeing the sunrise did provide a great 2nd wind to help press forward through the Texas Pan Handle.

After the sun came up. We broke up the day by stopping off at a few Texas courthouses to take some photos.

Finally got out of Texas into New Mexico. I only had the pleasure to cut across its north eastern corner. But it has some nice scenery.

At the time I crossed into southern Colorado, the fires were going on and crossing the highway around Pueblo, CO.

My legs were gone when we arrived to Colorado Springs. Almost dropped the bike riding into the hotel parking lot. I was ready for a shower, dinner and some beers. It was a good day.

Next day we met up with my friends Jen and Miguel from Kansas and Colorado. Also met Brandan who was making his way home from Wyoming. We went up the amazing Pikes Peak and it’s 14,110 feet of amazing road. I follow the Pikes Peak Hill Climb Run and I amazed how fast they race up that road every year. We also decided to visit the Garden of the Gods

Colorado is a gorgeous state. Summer temps were comfortable, the roads in great shape, the terrain – scenic. My adventure continued the next day without my San Antonio friends. They venture back home to Texas.

After some great riding due northwest we decided to take a break at Breckinridge Brewery. Excellent food and drink.

We could have stayed longer at the brewery but we needed to look for a camp site for the night. Temps went from the mid 80’s to the 40’s quick! We camped out at the base of Mount Evans. After some fun chat on the days ride. We all hit the sack for our next adventure – Mount Evans.

A gorgeous sunny day awaited us that next morning. We rode to the entrance of Mt Evans to be met with a gift shop and restaurant. We had a hearty breakfast and chatted with other visitors.

At this point we our paths were needing part. We made our way together to Denver and one friend made their way to Kansas and the other to Colorado Springs. We parted and promised to meet up again soon.

Cheers amigos!

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