Finally an Italiana. 

I’ve always wanted either an Aprilia Futura or a Ducati ST.  But the typical maintenance horror stories you hear from some have kept me away from them.  I finally bit the bullet and got me a “Duc”.  

A 2006 Ducati ST3 came home with me late Aug 2016.  Not the ST3″S” model, but this one was upgraded with an Öhlins racing rear shock and upgraded front fork springs.  She is a sexy beast.  

The previous owner and Ducati of Austin were very helpful and shared the entire bikes maintenance history.  So I had no real reason to deny her any longer.   

Took her out on a couple of short Hill Country rides recently.  Rides like a dream.  Sounds like a brute.  Looks like a super model.  More to come later.  

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