Prescription Eyewear and Helmets

Riding motorcycles for a person that is near sighted leaves us with a few of options. Either wear contact lenses, wear glasses or have a procedure to correct your vision like LASIK.
I’ve been wearing glasses ever since elementary (primary school). So I’ve grown accustomed to them and they have, in someway, become part of my personality. I tried the contact lens route but was troubled with the wind drying them out and continuously applying rewetting solution. The risk and quality of Lasik still concerns me and I am willing to wait for bigger and better things.
But as most of you (fellow glasses wearers), our battle with our glasses and helmets is a daily task. I used to struggle with my metal frames, carefully trying to tuck them in between the padding or my helmet and my head. Either to slowly start tearing the padding or bending/breaking the temples itself. So I started researching other options. I remembered watching war movies that involved pilots and how they seemed to wear glasses with temples with flat paddle temples that were not curved around the ear but straight and contoured to the shape of the head. The only glasses I could find in that style were the old square aviators. They were not back in fashion at that point so I looked else where. Found a cool pair of Oakley Fives.




I wore the Oakley Fives through 3 prescription changes until I came across a classic frame. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Flat paddle, fairly straight temples and a much sturdier frame. Combining this frame with the latest transitions lens coating makes this combination my favorite so far.
The only thing that is still a pain to deal with is the fogging of my glasses even thought my visor has a pinlock lens on it.




Hope you find some of this helpful.

Ride safe.

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