Never too late to fall in love – With Motorcycling.

Pam on her Heritage Softail

I first met Pam and her awesome husband Neil a few years back when our meetup group (Hill Country Motorcycle Riders) was under going a shift in management. They brought a fresh, friendly feel back to the a group that like most groups, started to get a little tired and stagnant.

Pam had that freshly motorcycle love bite to her. Eager to lead and blaze the way to many rides long and short. She has fallen into motorcycling (with help from her husband Neil) at an age when most of us are starting to slow down and enjoy retirement. It was wonderful to see her progress from metric cruiser to her current steed – a Harley Street Glide. Not an easy animal to handle.

Much kudos to her.

I wanted to share a great article Pam wrote in a ladies riding website
Give it a read.

Pam’s Article

We love you Pam! Keep the shiny side up.


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