Wheelnerds Call in Show – Crazy

Spent about 15-20 minutes (over Skype) with the crazy fellas of the podcast -The Wheelnerds.   If you haven’t added them to your listening enjoyment, do it NOW!   Catch their show either directly through their website (www.wheelnerds.com) or subscribe through iTunes.   These fellas podcast from the state of Utah.  Most of their motorcycle riding would keep the average rider to a handful of months.   These fellas ride in all kind of weather.   What can I say, I would do the same.  The Wheelnerds have a great docket of subjects that I will borrow from.  The silly Craigslist ad.  Recently purchased motorcycles and gear reviews.  We spoke mostly about our bikes and their temperamental  natures.    They are one of my inspirations to start blogging and podcasting.    Cheers Chuck and Todd!   Hope to see you guys down Texas way.

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