Under jacket and pants Impact Rigs

Impact Rig
The cafe racer fellas at Cleveland Moto Podcast (clevelandmoto.blogspot.com) brought to light a great alternative on protective riding gear.  Some functional riding gear gives the rider a power ranger kind of a look and sometimes the higher price point of quality gear prices itself out of the reach of some.  Then theres the fashion aspect of riding gear.  Some folks like a certain casual or nostalgic look and this sometimes comes at the cost of protection.  If you like wearing that vintage jacket and casual looking jeans, think about adding to your gear collection some impact rigs that can be worn under them.   The key thing is to maximize your protection and still keep that cool casual look.
Another plus to this method is elevating the protection that the armor is going to provide you.  We all like to think that gear we wear, no matter how it’s worn, is sufficient enough in the event of a spill.  You want that armor to be as close to you and stay put to avoid the armor from shifting or be torn away from those critical areas.   Impact rigs have been popular among the Moto & Super Cross communities.  The armor is worn undera jersey and pants.  Depending on the riding you do (street vs dirt) you want to purchase impact rigs that are designed with the terrain in mind.   Some of these rigs can be found from $80 and up.
Ride safe everyone.

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