Neil Peart’s – Roadshow

I’m not the biggest reader in any respect but my lovely wife gave me the book Ghost Rider by Neil Peart and I was hooked. Since then I’ve enjoyed Neil’s co-authored book (Keith J. Anderson) Clockwork Angels.

But back to motorcycle related subjects. I’ve started another book by Neil Peart , this time on audio book called Roadshow – A Concert Tour by Motorcycle. Will share a small review when I finish it.

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Hold Fast Motors Podcast / Stories of Bike

I listen to quite a few podcast during my day.   Some as background noise while I work and others while I commute on my motorcycle (Sena SMH10).  With the resurgence of classic motorcycles/cafe racers coming back into fashion, replacing the gaudy stretched out affordable choppers.  A lot of custom motorcycle shops are producing some wonderful podcasts and or video/photography collections to consume.

One in particular is Stories of Bike.

Stories of Bike

I came across their website and amazing photos/videos by way of a podcast called The Hold Fast Motors Podcast.

Hold Fast Motors Podcast

Give them both a try.


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Never too late to fall in love – With Motorcycling.

Pam on her Heritage Softail

I first met Pam and her awesome husband Neil a few years back when our meetup group (Hill Country Motorcycle Riders) was under going a shift in management. They brought a fresh, friendly feel back to the a group that like most groups, started to get a little tired and stagnant.

Pam had that freshly motorcycle love bite to her. Eager to lead and blaze the way to many rides long and short. She has fallen into motorcycling (with help from her husband Neil) at an age when most of us are starting to slow down and enjoy retirement. It was wonderful to see her progress from metric cruiser to her current steed – a Harley Street Glide. Not an easy animal to handle.

Much kudos to her.

I wanted to share a great article Pam wrote in a ladies riding website
Give it a read.

Pam’s Article

We love you Pam! Keep the shiny side up.


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Katee Sackhoff – aka-Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace

Katee with her custom bike by Classified Moto. As seen on Cafe Racer TV.

The wonderful actress, motorcycle rider, adventure seeker, heart breaker – Katee Sackhoff. She graced an episode of Cafe Racer TV to commission a build from moto builder Classified Moto. She can stand next to the ugliest bike and make it desirable.

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Winter in South Central Texas

Well folks, the temps were in the mid 80’s last week before winter finally reared its ugly head in Central South Texas.

Picked up a 1978 Yamaha XS750 a little while ago. I now have a winter project to keep cabin fever away.


We shall see what direction I go. Tracker/cafe/frankenbike.

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2014 Harley-Davidson Street 750 and 500 Motorcycles

Harley is introducing two new water cooled motor bikes for 2014. Less expensive than the beloved Sporty and styled with the urban youth in mind. Bobber / racer styling, super flexible with a catalog filled with all kinds of “Make it yours” accessories. Rides taller than the low slung Sporty and has slightly shorter wheel base. Interesting to see where this goes and how the water cooling may bleed into the Sportster line.

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New Bike in the garage – 1979 Yamaha XS750 Triple

Been looking for a cafe racer project for a while. While trolling Craigslist one Sunday morning, I came across a great candidate and with a title! Made arrangements, packed the family into the SUV (Thank you honey), picked up a uhaul trailer and off we went. Instant family road trip.


The journey was about 4 hours each way from my home town, the seller was spot on with his description of the bike and to top it off (I have to say was what sold me) he posted a YouTube video of the bike. His video displayed a cold start, a walk around the bike and he riding the bike. I couldn’t get there fast enough.

Made the deal, got the bike home and changed all her fluids. Have ridden her around my block and she is going to be a great candidate for either to restore or a cafe project. I’m still on the fence. Photos of this project to come soon. Gotta get me a 3/4 helmet now.



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Rally De Los Muertos – Scooter Rally


A scooter rally that’s packed with a loteria run (poker run) and other activities going on this weekend. Kicking off this First Friday in San Antonio. Check it out!

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Fall Trip to West Texas – Ride Safe my Friends


Can’t help but think of a great song by Rush ~ Dreamline.

“We travel road to adventure
On a desert highway straight to the heart of the sun
Like lovers and heros, and the restless part of everyone
We are only at home when we are on the run – on the run.”

Image by Photoryder

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2013 Harvest Classic Rally – Luckenbach, TX

Vintage Motorcycle Rally

Another wonderful motorcycle event going on this weekend. This annual rally is focused around vintage/classic motorcycles. Some of the proceeds go to support the fight against childhood cancer (Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation).

My introduction to motorcycle rallies several years ago were more on the Harley end of things. Drinking, music and more drinking. It was fun but as I get older, my speed of fun has changed.

The Harvest Classic Rally is focused on what most folks would find unusual. European, Asian, Russian motorcycles of all kinds. The rally is held in Luckenbach, TX (famously known for the Waylon Jennings song) is a sleepy little town in the Hill Country of Central Texas, just south of Fredericksburg, Tx. The rally runs for three days (Oct 18th – 20th) and camping is allowed. Registration info can be found on their website ( This family event is filled with judging of several classes of motorcycles that the public can admire. A part swap area, a large camping area, food and dance hall and a wonderful trials course. From what I have read on their site, registered members can part take in group rides into the hill country and other events.

If you happen to have some free time this weekend and want to see a wonderful side of motorcycles that is rarely seen, take the family over to Luckenbach for the rally. It’s not a huge event but I believe it will keep you coming back for years to come.

Bring your truck just in case you find something you just have to have!

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