Hello Fall Weather!

This past weekend was met with much happiness for this Texan. We were surprised by a cold front that dropped our long triple digit degree summer to a crisp lower 80’s. My buddy Nelson and I took a quick ride through Spring Branch, TX to find our way to an ol’ watering hole called The Shade Tree.

The Shade Tree has been a very popular place for most motorcyclists but primarily the cruiser type. As a metric Sport Touring rider, I have never had any issues with the friendly crowd there. They serve great Americana food, 5+ beer taps and very decent beer cooler with regional selections like Real Ale Brewery, Shiner Beers, Independence Brewery and a few others. Of course the normal beer fair is to be found. Surprisingly there’s also a humidor for the cigar smoker too.

When we arrived, we were met wth the sound of a three piece rockabilly band playing at the band stand.

Our ride was just what I and my good friend Nelson needed, both of us being recent fathers. Spare time is non existent.


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