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I’ve been riding since 2005 and what goes hand in hand with the motorcycle lifestyle (in my neck of the woods at least) is the weekly bike night outing.  For the some of you who don’t have such events in your area – Bike Night is a gathering of motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts at a local watering hole to socially gather via motorcycle.  No ride is planned.  Just a chance to ride out to a place and rub elbows with fellow two wheeled Texans and other from our the world.

Things and places change.   Please call or research before heading out to these venues.  I will try to update this as much as possible.

Let’s get into it – depending on the rider, these gatherings can be simple or more involved. Example: I’m lucky to be a part of a few riding groups that either tend to flock similar motorcycles or be a melting pot of everything under the sun.  “Cliques” naturally exist.  The general motorcycle community in my area will tend to classify you as either a Harley/Cruiser type or a Sport Bike Rider.  We are lucky to have several additional active groups in San Antonio.  Euro/Vintage/Scooter Riders and Adventure bike riders.

San Antonio, TX, has a variety of bike night venues depending on your availability, bar of choice and taste in motorcycles.  The most successful and longest running bike night belongs to Hills & Dales Ice House (1542 White Fawn Dr, SAT 78258 – No Website Yet).

Hills & Dales host their bike nights every Wednesday evenings, year round.  The crowd is mostly Cruisers (Harley mostly & some Metric).  But you will see a little bit of everything.  Hills & Dales loves to consider itself as The Center of the Universe – due to it’s patrons are from all walks of life.  It’s an old convenience store that evolved into an ice house with a great selection of beer (on tap and more in bottle).  Be warned, no food is served beyond typical beer snacks.  Lately, Singh’s Vietnamese Food Truck has been feeding the crowd recently with much success.  Try the 10 hour Brisket anything!

Due to change in ownership, the attendance to this long standing bike night has been drastically changed.  Wednesday night at “Hilly’s” is still trying to recover since the ownership change and the drastically smaller parking area.

A new to me event is hosted by our friends at   They host a morning coffee/motorcycle get together every 2nd Saturday of the month.  Visit their website for their location and news.



Next would be Texas Pride BBQ – (Every Thursday evening –  Suspended during the winter only due to its distance from civilization).  If you ever wanted to experience a motorcycle rally, without actually going – this place is it.  Primarily a BBQ restaurant, Texas Pride has expanded to add a huge rear covered area that includes a full size band stand, tattoo parlor, burn out pit and a motorcycle retailer Bucketheads Pit Stop.  As you guessed it – the scene is mostly Cruiser type bikes/riders but quite a few Sport Bike groups show.

Now for you Non Cruiser Types – Some of the local venues listed below do not have a set Bike Night per se.   But I’ve been to these places and they are motorcyclist friendly and you and your friends will enjoy.

Pizza Italia – North Centrally located.  They host San Antonio’s only Euro / Scooter Bike night, once a month.  Every 1st Wednesday of the month this pizzeria is swamped by all kinds of European, Asian motorcycles of all kinds.  From scooters, exotic European motorcycles, unusual adventure bikes and cafe racer/tracker bikes.   Sadly it only happens once a  month.   Very early crowd so get there around 6.30 pm and it usually will go strong until 8 pm.  Check with our friends at The Motorcycle Shop SA ( for updated info on this event.

Specht’s  – (Discontinued) Great Hill Country stop that is family friendly and perfect motorcycle parking.   They have limited their hours to the weekends.  So please call before heading out.

This venue has been looking for new ownership so call ahead for operating hours.

Blue Star Brewery –  Located in the wonderful, historic King Williams area of South Town San Antonio.   The area is rich in history and this place in particular is wonderfully tucked in a art warehouse district.   You will see a lot of scooter riders and bicyclist and folks on foot (due to the river walk expansion).    Visit this place during the first friday of the month for a treat.

The Friendly Spot – Also located in the King Williams historic area.  They are an open air ice house venue.   2-3 walk up bars, food, a play ground for the kiddos and live music sometimes.   Parking is limited on the weekends, but worth while.   Visit this place during the first friday of the month for a treat.

La Tuna Icehouse / Grill – Slightly outside the King Williams historic area.  Just across the train tracks from the Blue Star Brewery.   This old ice house is also an outdoor open air venue.  They do have a grill that cooks up some wonderful eats with a very small indoor area.  Parking is limited , especially during the weekend.  But during the week, not bad.   Visit this place during the first friday of the month for a treat.

The Cove – The Cove, a wonderful organ cookery that also prides itself with great musical acts from around the nation.  Nestled between a carwash and behind a laundrymat.  This place oozes personality.    Great beer selection, food is wonderful (Had the one of the Top 50 Burgers in Texas).   Great place too mingle with the locals of San Antonio.   Parking is limited but they do have a Motorcycle and bicycle only area.

I hope this provides someone information on motorcycle bike night scene in San Antonio. I tend to be a regular at Hills & Dales on Wednesdays but due to my involvement in several Meetup Groups, I like to expose my fellow riders to different jewels I find in the San Antonio area.


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