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Off season gear shopping

It’s summer in Texas and the temps are in the triple digits plus humidity at +50%. Most of my riding is on hold until the weather gets a little cooler. During this off time I start to “troll” through Craigslist … Continue reading

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Prescription Eyewear and Helmets

Riding motorcycles for a person that is near sighted leaves us with a few of options. Either wear contact lenses, wear glasses or have a procedure to correct your vision like LASIK. I’ve been wearing glasses ever since elementary (primary … Continue reading

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Winter Riding in Central Texas

The mild winters in central Texas comes with its trickery.  One part of the day will give you a sunny clear weather with manageable temps.  Next will have trechorous rain, wind and sleet.  With that in mind, I have learned … Continue reading

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Break Downs / Roadside Assistance

Breaking down/being stuck on the side of the road is a reality we all face in our cars and motorcycles at one point or another.  If you have yet to experience it, consider yourself lucky.  I’ve had a couple a … Continue reading

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Moto Vlogging is Hard!

I’ve been following a few motorcycle video bloggers on YouTube for quite some time now. Have yet to muster up the balls to start one until recently. I took a ride a few weekends ago and recorded about 30 minutes … Continue reading

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1st Track Day

After months of flak-ing on my friend Ross about joining him at the track, my birthday month came to an end with a trip to the Harris Hill Raceway (H2R) in San Marcos, TX.   Ross has been taking his track … Continue reading

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Dirt Bike Beginner MSF Course – Take One

A few weeks ago, I decided to enroll into a beginners dirt bike class with a few of my friends.  It was held at this great place nestled in the Texas Hill Country called Hidden Falls Adventure Park.  If you … Continue reading

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Used Bike Shopping on the Internet

For most of us, the purchase of a new motorcycle comes around eh not often enough.  But as we gain experience, our tastes in motorcycles tend to change.  This passion of ours and the ease to garage more than a … Continue reading

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Under jacket and pants Impact Rigs

The cafe racer fellas at Cleveland Moto Podcast ( brought to light a great alternative on protective riding gear.  Some functional riding gear gives the rider a power ranger kind of a look and sometimes the higher price point of … Continue reading

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The crazy fellas from The Cleveland Moto Podcast ( has recommended a wonderful new podcast to add to my distraction.  The Motorcycle & Misfits Podcast (   They both record from a round table kind of setting.  Talking about the … Continue reading

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