An introduction to the Harris Hill Raceway

Early rise to meet my friend Ross and his recently tuned Moto Guzzi for a run at the track. I’m merely tagging along but I have a feeling it may be the beginning of a new interest. My heavy FJR may be too much for the track at this time but maybe a 250cc or 600cc sport bike may be in my future.

We arrived at the Harris Hill track around 9:30am. Friendly staff greeted us at the rider sign in area. As a observer I was instructed to head over to the nice air conditioned waiting area to sign a waiver.

In the parking lot, you are met by friendly folks prepping their bikes for the days ride or licking their wounds and telling their war stories.

A wonder mix of bikes are to be found. My buddy Ross rides a newer Moto Guzzi Griso. He recently had the suspension tuned for more spirited riding. Lots of Japanese inline fours but quite a few Ducatis with their wonderful sounding V twins.

To ride, you have to tape up all your glass and and plastics.


Ross mentioned something about capping over flow hoses. I will inquire regarding the other requirements. For A few of our friends want to make it out here for a lesson or two. I spoke to my wife regarding the possibility of coming out to the track. She wasn’t completely happy but understands and knows that I’m a responsible rider. 🙂

The track is a controlled environment. Here to satisfy the need (if I may quote Rush) “To test the limits of machine and man”.

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