2013 Harvest Classic Rally – Luckenbach, TX

Vintage Motorcycle Rally

Another wonderful motorcycle event going on this weekend. This annual rally is focused around vintage/classic motorcycles. Some of the proceeds go to support the fight against childhood cancer (Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation).

My introduction to motorcycle rallies several years ago were more on the Harley end of things. Drinking, music and more drinking. It was fun but as I get older, my speed of fun has changed.

The Harvest Classic Rally is focused on what most folks would find unusual. European, Asian, Russian motorcycles of all kinds. The rally is held in Luckenbach, TX (famously known for the Waylon Jennings song) is a sleepy little town in the Hill Country of Central Texas, just south of Fredericksburg, Tx. The rally runs for three days (Oct 18th – 20th) and camping is allowed. Registration info can be found on their website (http://www.harvestclassic.org/). This family event is filled with judging of several classes of motorcycles that the public can admire. A part swap area, a large camping area, food and dance hall and a wonderful trials course. From what I have read on their site, registered members can part take in group rides into the hill country and other events.

If you happen to have some free time this weekend and want to see a wonderful side of motorcycles that is rarely seen, take the family over to Luckenbach for the rally. It’s not a huge event but I believe it will keep you coming back for years to come.

Bring your truck just in case you find something you just have to have!

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